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Monday, April 29, 2013

Oracle Diagnostics Tool Responsibility

The Oracle Diagnostic Tool is provided by Oracle to ease the gathering and analyzing of information from your eBusiness suite when diagnosis an existing data issue, transactional problem or setup error through a complete set up responsibility.
purpOracle Support Diagnostics benefits
Problem Avoidance: Identify and solve potential issues before suffering their symptoms
Formatted Output: Conveniently display the information gathered, the finding of the analysis and appropriate action to take if necessary
Ease to use: This tool is easy to use and is designed for both the functional and technical user. Identify and solve existing issues without external assistance
Self Services Resolution: Resolving Problem without the need to contact oracle support
Reduction in resolution time: minimizing the time spent to resolve an issue by increasing support engineer as well as end user efficiency
No Technical skill required: No special SQL*Plus/operating system access required.
Testing Hub: Because of Central location of all tests, it is the hub for all Diagnostic testing.
yel Important Points
  • The diagnostic tool does not alter the data or setup in your system i.e. no updates, inserts, or deletes happen.
  • Sensitive customer information is not collected or displayed.
  • The diagnostic tool are organized into one of the following groups
ora Different type performed at central Place
These are test performed:
  • Setup
Gather information about setup relevant to a particular product / functionality / issue, examine that information, provide feedback, and suggest appropriate actions
  • Activity
Gather information about data and configuration relevant to a particular functionality / issue, examine that information, provide feedback, and suggest appropriate actions
  • Collection
Gather information relevant to a particular product / functionality / issue
  • Functional
Categories typically align with the product menu structure and include both activity and data collection tests.
red How many tests are available?
  • In R11i , there are more than 300+
  • In R12, there are 100 diagnostic tests available
How to get started
The diagnostic tests are delivered in a standard Oracle patch and area applied using adpatch utility.
Support diagnostic patches may be safely applied to any instance without integration and functional testing. As noted above, they do not alter data or configuration
Once required patch is applied then you assign the "Oracle Diagnostic Tool" Responsibility which is seeded responsibility that comes to EBS suite, last year and accessible to all EBS user.
Once you login to the system, you will notice, that is only one menu inside that responsibility as fig 2:
Fig :2 Menu under responsibility
Once you click to the menu, it will call a self-services page that will have all list of test available with respect to application module. The good is that Oracle does provide test for most of the popular modules for diagnostic.
Fig :3 List of product
Let's do a test; here I am starting with Payable. Once you click to application payable, you will find the available test within the Payable module. Each application would have three different set up test as discussed earlier, viz:
  • Setup
  • Activity
  • Data Collection
These activities are listed on the left hand side, where as right hand area will have the parameter form to run the report as figure below:


once you click to report, we get the entire report which looks like:
There are three options available for the user, either they can print, save or upload the same to support.
If you still use Oracle Diagnostics framework you need to:
1. Click on the 'Print' button in the output
2. When a well formatted html page containing the output is generated save it in your local machine using your browser standard functionality to save a page
3. Upload the saved page (output) to Metalink updating the TAR if required.

Once you passed the correct Responsibility, you will get the report irrespective of its failure or success:
Once you click the report, you will find all error and warning message , as reported by executing the
Once you click the report, you will find all error and warning message , as reported by executing the :
The first part of the section will have patch level :
Will take some more in another post.Keep watching this space.:)