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Monday, May 13, 2013

Oracle Purchase Order Matching Troubleshooting

Oracle Purchase Order Matching Troubleshooting

Purchase Order Matching Troubleshooting
1. Scripts: Diagnostic Scripts
In order to speed and simplify your troubleshooting process, Payables Support has created diagnostic scripts that can be used to quickly identify common problems and issues. Please click on the following links to download the scripts. The link will also provide access to readme files detailing how the script is to be run.

Note 148388.1 . The script provides detailed data information on an invoice or payment.

Note 203567.1 . The script checks the basic setup (as outlined in 'Setting Up' Chapter in the User's Guide) of Accounts Payable.
When setup information is missing or when the setup is invalid, the test will output error/warning messages, the action to be taken, and the impact of the missing setup.

2. Problem: Automatic Debit Memo Creation Failed When Creating a RTS Transaction.

 For an Automatic Debit Memo to be created in AP, the following must be true:

The supplier site has to be marked to allow RTS transactions.
There must be an original invoice already in AP for the item being returned.
The PO and the original Invoice must be to the same Supplier Site.
The Supplier Site must be marked as both a Pay Site and a Purchasing Site.
The return quantity cannot cause the quantity invoiced to go negative.
The return quantity must be equal to or less than the quantity invoiced.
The Create Debit Memo checkbox must also be turned on in the Receipt form.
The return must be to the Supplier, and not to Receiving.
If the debit memo is not created automatically, you should create the debit memo manually in the Payables application.

3. Problem: Create Debit Memo From RTS Transaction is Not Created when the RCV: Processing Mode Profile Option is Set to Online
When the system profile option, RCV: Processing Mode is set to Online, no Debit Memo is created in Payables.  Set the option to Immediate so the debit memo will be generated in Payables.  Check with Oracle Purchasing Support for more details about this profile option.

4. Problem: Debit Memo Created for a RTS Transaction Has Terms From the Supplier Site
The payment terms for a supplier site default to the invoices you enter for the site except in the following circumstances:

You enter a PO Default or QuickMatch invoice in the Invoice Workbench, in which case the terms default from the purchase order.
You import an invoice record that has payment terms specified on the record, or the import process can derive terms from purchase order matching. You can override the default payment terms on any invoice.
So, the debit memo is correctly picking up payment term from the supplier site.

5. Problem: Price Hold Not Released When Entering Credit Memo
Use one of the following methods to resolve this issue:

Match the credit memo to the PO with price correction enabled and the related invoice selected.
Match the credit memo to the invoice which is matched to the PO in question and validate both the invoice and the credit memo.

6.  Problem: Invoice Terms Being Set to PO Terms Instead of Supplier Site Terms
As of Financials Family Pack D, your payment terms will default from the PO during a PO Default type of match. If you decide that you do not want to use the payment terms that you have entered on the PO, you can then change them on the invoice.

7. Problem: Unable to Match to a Specific Distribution on a Release
Enable the Allow Distribution Level Matching Payables Option, if you want to allow matching to purchase order distributions. If you enable this option, you can match an invoice to one or more purchase order distributions.  If you do not enable this option, Payables only allows you to match an invoice to a purchase order shipment.

8. Problem:  Po Match Required For Credit Memos If Hold Unmatched Invoices Flag Checked
If the Hold Unmatched Invoices option is enabled for a supplier site, and you want to match a Credit Memo or Debit Memo to an invoice without receiving the Matching Required hold during validation, use the procedure outlined in the Matching Credit and Debit Memos to Purchase Orders and Receipts section of the 11i Oracle Payables User Guide Release .

9. Problem: Attachment TO PAYABLES Entered in Purchasing is not Viewable in Payables
Please see Note: 200900.1.

10. Problem: Reversing PO Matched Invoice Distribution Line Does Not Open The PO Line For Further Matching
Please see Note: 201332.1.

11. Problem: Purchasing encumbrances are not reversed by invoice matching
If PO Encumbrance Type and Invoice Encumbrance Type are the same, AP will  encumber only for variances. Only
when the Accounting Entries have been created  for AP,  would the encumbrance be relieved. Once the  'Create
Accounting Entries' process is run, encumbrance is relieved. This is the standard functionality and as per design.

12. Problem: How do I Release Final Matching Hold on an Invoice
A Final Matching Hold is placed by the approval process when an invoice is matched to a already finally closed PO Shipment.  This hold is not manually releasable.  To release this hold in versions below 11.5.10, the distribution created by  matching  to the finally closed PO line must be reversed.  If there are many lines on the invoice and many are matched to different PO's, it becomes difficult to determine the correct distribution to reverse.  And, if there are distributions in the same invoice that were created by final matching to a PO, these distributions cannot be reversed.  To find the invoice distribution causing the hold, run the following SQL:

Select distribution_line_number LINE,  dist_code_combination_id  ACCOUNT,  match_status_flag APP, amount ,
final_match_flag  FINAL,  Quantity_invoiced  QTY,  reversal_flag  REV from ap_invoice_distributions_all
where invoice_id = ;

If an invoice distribution displays a final_match_flag = D this invoice distribution cannot be reversed.
If an invoice distribution  displays a  match_status_flag  not equal to 'A' and final_match_flag is null or 'Y', then this is most likely the cause.
Reverse this distribution and revalidate the invoice. The final matching should be released.
In 11.5.10 and above, you cannot reverse distributions or cancel the invoice.

13. Error: Create Debit Memo From RTS Errors AP_CANNOT_ASSIGN_DOC_SEQ
Ensure that the seeded Document Category is the one assigned to the set of books for successful creation of automatic / RTS Debit memos

14. Error: APP-SQLAP-10655 Error When Matching an Invoice to a PO
The invoice has one line with the Invoice Match Option set to Receipt.  Change the option from purchase order to receipt before clicking on the match button.

15. Error: Matching an Invoice to a Receipt Receives ORA-00904 Invalid Column Name
To find out what column is missing, please run the select which is generating this error in SQLPLUS.  An Asterisk '*' will appear under the column  which is missing.

select receipt_number, rcv_shipment_line_number, rcv_transaction_date, po_number,
po_release_num,po_line_number, po_line_location_number, closed_code, closed_reason,
inventory_organization_code, item_description, supplier_item_number,
ship_to_location, buyer,bill_of_lading, packing_slip, container_num,
waybill_airbill_num, shipped_date, freight_carrier_code, receipt_uom_lookup_code,
po_freight_terms, po_payment_terms, taxable_flag, tax_name, rcv_transaction_id,
rcv_shipment_header_id, rcv_transaction_quantity, rcv_shipment_line_id,
po_header_id, po_line_id, po_line_location_id, po_release_id, item_id, category_id,
ship_to_location_id, buyer_id, vendor_id, vendor_site_id, inventory_organization_id,
accrue_on_receipt_flag, org_id, po_unit_price, po_uom_lookup_code, po_approved_flag,
po_approved_date, vendor_name, vendor_site_name, currency_code, po_match_option,
order_type_lookup_code, type_1099, ussgl_transaction_code, pay_on_code,
interface_transaction_id, receipt_required_flag, inspection_required_flag
from po_ap_receipt_match_v
where shipment_type='standard';

The results should produce an output similar to the following:
Error encountered: ORA-00904
Column RECEIPT_REQUIRED_FLAG was missing from view  PO_AP_RECEIPT_MATCH_V.

16. References: What articles, white papers, or manuals should I read for more information on PO Matching?
Please see the Payables PO Match Setup and Usage Instructions for a complete list of available documents.

17. Keywords: What are the MetaLink keywords I should use when searching for PO Matching on MetaLink?
APXPMTCH;  APXRMTCH; match; invoice match; PO match

18. Patches: List of one-off patches available for Payables PO Matching
Please see Note 213163.1 .